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Hudson Rise at St. John’s Park is a grass roots community based initiative. Everyone please join us, share your expertise, your talents, your efforts, your energies. Together we can protect our community with an innovative, sustainable and functional design for a greener more beautiful New York City.

Taking Action

Canal West Coalition, neighborhood business and residents, under the aegis of the Tribeca Community Association (TCA), has been actively opposing the City's proposed facility for two and one half years.

In early 2009, TCA and several of the neighborhood Condo Boards brought a class action suit against the City. This action did two things: (1) the City responded with more than 1,000 pages of responses! And, (2) after many meetings, the Friends of Hudson River Park have joined TCA in asking the City to reconsider this plan. This is a very important development!

Recent Developments

The Sanitation Committee Steering Committee has been actively joined by many of our celebrity neighbors, and one, actor James Gandolfini, joined Committee leaders Richard Barrett and Phil Mouquinho, and a representative of Friends of Hudson River Park, at a recent meeting with Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler’s chief of staff, Caswell Holloway. Also attending were Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, and DSNY's Real Estate Director Dan Klein.

Extending the terms of the agreement over Gansevoort Pier was discussed, to allow time enough to find a sensitive alternative to the overly dense DSNY facility for Spring Street as well as for the proposed marine transfer station for recyclables that the Bloomberg administration hopes to site on the pier after removing existing sanitation facilities.

For the first time, the City is interested in a thoughtful discussion of Hudson Rise, which would house two, instead of three, Sanitation districts’ trucks, and thus would be a much lower building with less impact; plus it incorporates a publicly accessible rooftop park that would offer safe access to Hudson River Park.

The Committee presented the administration with alternate sites for District 5’s garage; the city will consider alternatives until September.


We have just two weeks to let the City know that we believe Hudson Rise is the “fair share” facility that should be implemented.
Our legal response must include air quality data. TCA has retained an air quality consultant and initiated a new air quality study. Lawsuits and Air Quality consultants are expensive and we must step up to support this critically important effort. Make your tax-deductible donations to:

Tribeca Community Association

533 Canal Street
New York, NY 10013


Greenwich Village, Soho, Tribeca and Hudson Square have historically been and continue to be home and workplace for many forward-thinking artists in all mediums. Our neighborhood artists lend their creative voices in response to the mounting onslaught from a short-sighted administration and DSNY, who threaten to destroy our neighborhoods. We welcome artists to join our initiative and to submit your ideas and relevant work to help us protect our community.

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